Analysis of my experience of presenting my own research

Group presentation, which is a teamwork job, relate to every group member. The final task for our research is a 15 minutes presentation about opening a new coffee shop.

Obviously, we must prepare a slide for presentation. To be specific, everyone should finish his own section before compling the slides. For instance, my own part is the methodology for our research. So, I will find some professional information to support my view and explain why we use questionnaire and design these questions.

However, how to present is a key factor on presentation. In my own style, I enjoy presenting without any papers. One nescessary thing to do it well is to prepare sufficiently before presentation. For example, I will write down all I will say on a piece of paper and read it again and again in order to recite it. Moreover, just reciting is not enough for a presentation because there are many audiences listen to you. What it means is you must make interaction with those people who are face to face with you. From my experience, I often give some gestures follow the screen and ask audiences some particular questions when I want to hear the reply from them. Furthermore, to make eye-contact is also a good way to further our communication with audiences.

To conclude, presentation is a comprehensive ability for a student. If we want to perform it well, not only for own work, we need to finish it for a team because teamwork is important in our future studys or works.



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