Analysis of my experience of collecting and analysing data

As one of the most important factors, data plays a basic role in doing a research.

After finishing creating a questionnaire, we need to collect the feedback from those people who have participated the questionnares. There are two main ways for us to make the collection. The first one is to collect face to face when we ask individuals to fill the questionnaires directly in the street. It is easy to get more new feedback on this way but it will cost us a lot of time. The second way is to put our questionnaire online and ask people to fill it when we send them a link. Although it is convenient for this method, the efficiency will go down at the same time. So, we did both two sides to collect data finally.

To analyse data is the next step which is diffcult for our research. As we know, questionnaire belongs to quantitative data. What it means is we have to analyse data from a large quantity of all the questionnaires we have collected. It is necessary that we have to select the key points and delete some useless information from all the data. Furthermore, when analysing the specific data, we need to follow some literatures because they will help our analysis become more professional and reliable.

To summarize, it is not a easy job to collect and analyse data for a research. In addtion, we should spend more time on analysing and try to draw a best conclusion from the information we have collected.



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