Analysis of how I have developed and my priorities for Term 2

This is the final week for Term 1. Undoubtedly, all students will be happy because Christmas holiday is coming. However, for APS course, we have to consider what we have developed and the priorities of our Term 2 study. In my opinion, it is useful to analyse both of them in order to have a great preparation after vacation.

Specifically, what I have improved most is my confidence. When I just came to London, because of my poor English, I seldom give opinions in class. However, as the time went day by day, I shared my suggestion more frequent. For instance, in our week 7 presentation, I discussed a lot with my group members in order to further our study. As a result, we got a high marks in the presentation and everyone felt happy.

If taiking about the prioriities in Term 2, I will select teamwork as the first position. The reason why I choose it is teamwork is not easy to promote in a short period. In addition, we need more time and more chances to further our teamwork. Moreover, I think the business simulation at week 8 in Term 1 provides a great oppurtunity for each student to communicate and cooperate together. It is also a interesting activity about our professional skills.

In conclusion, APS course plays an important role in improving academic skills for our study. I am appreciated that I have developed myself day by day and knowed what should I do more clearly in the future.



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