Analysis of my experience of designing a questionnaire

Qusetionnaire, one of the main types of doing a survey, is usually to be uesd in a research. In order to open a new coffee shop near Liverpool Street, we should to create a meaningful questionnaire for people.

To be honest, how to design a questionnaire becomes a most imporant problem for our research. Because of the topic in our research, we should design a questionnaire based on customers about coffee. Specifically, we firstly devide what we want to ask into some different sections. Next, we prepare two to three questions for each part. Finally, we complie all the questions and do some improvement for them. Here, I select a question we have designed as a example and explain why we design it. The question is “How ofen do you frequent coffee shops?”. As we know, some people always drink coffee, maybe twice a day, even three times a day, but some never drink. It is clear that this question focus on the habits of drinking coffee from customers.

If talking about the experience of designing a questionnaire, I will say it is not easy to do it well. One of the reasons is after we finish designing our questionnaire, we need to think of how to collect the feedback. To be specific, how many questionnaires we can collect will depend on the ways we ask individuals to answer the questionnaires.

In conclusion, when a questionnaire should be designed, we need to prepare enough and pay attention on creating questions. There is no doubt, the more hard-working we did, the better questionnaire we designed.



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