Analysis of my experience of writing a literature review

Literature review, one part of a acadamic essay, is a summary of what you have got from all the literatures you have read for a research. However, it is difficult for those people who are first time to write a literature review, including me. This essay will analyse my experience of writing a literature review and try to draw a conclusion.

It is neccssary to introduce how to fininsh this review for my first time. Firstly, I made sure what literatures I need to search and read. According to the research topic, to create a new coffee shop, I should find some materials about how to start and run a café. Then, I came to the school library and surfed the internet. What confused me was too much information would been searched by myself and I had to get something useful and catch the key points from each literature. After that, I began to write my literature review. Because it was my first time to do it, I spent a lot of time on arranging the struture of the review. Next, how to summarise all the literatures became a most difficult problem in writing this review. To be honest, I read those literatures again and again in order to get the key information for my review. At last, references need to be listed by the end of the review. Fortunately, I got a paper which teach students how to write the references, such as a book with multiple authors and a web site.

In conclusion, if students want to write a wonderful literature review, they must pay more attention on reading books or articles and try to summarise them in critical thinking. In another hand, those students who are first time to write a literature review can find some samples and learn from them. So, this is my experience of writing a literature review.



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