Analysis of my skills audit and personal development plan

It is very happy when I am writing this blog because I have started my APS course for my postgraduate major Global Business. We were asked to fill two forms about our skills audit and personal development plan in week 1, so this essay will analyse both of them and try to draw a conclusion.

According to my skills audit, most of the academic and professional skills can be demonsrated by myself. However, it is not mean that I can handle well all of these skills. To be more specific, I can just try my best for those skills I may use in my future life. For instance, I am not good at speaking or writing on conmmunication, but I will keep doing it because it is quite important when learning business. In the other hand, three main points I chose “No” are commercial awareness, customer focus and data handling. Obviously, I must pay more attention on these areas and further them in the future.

It is clear that there are five objectives in my personal development plan. The reason why I select them is they are my weakness in studying. For example, data handling, one of the most important skills for doing research is difficult for me because I am poor at computer skills and doing note takings. So, the key point to solve this problem is I must spend plenty of time on doing data handling with learning operation about some softwares from internet. Moreover, to keep practicing English is another essencial objective during my MBA course. What I mean is that the better language ability I have, the more easier to understand when I am studying.

In conclusion, to make your strength and weakness definitely before you begin your main courses is necessary because it will let you be more clearly when facing the problems. Finally, thank you teachers and school that giving us an opportunity to this significant work in APS course.



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